For Owners

As a property owner, what you want is a tenant who pays the rent regularly and takes care of your property, Newleaf Propman has the needed expertise and tools to take care of all these for you. What we get for you are tenants that have good track records. We take the pains of studying their ratings both regarding credit and what their previous landlords think of them. Through this process, we can sieve only the best tenants that will give you peace of mind. Nobody wants a tenant that disturbs them for every little thing they could fix themselves, but we do want to be kept in the loop about major issues on our property. Newleaf Propman acts as the mediator that knows which request to escalate to you and which ones we can convince the renters to handle on their own. You can trust us with your property.

New Leaf Property Management takes care of everything

From screening applicants, to monthly rent collection, to maintenance scheduling, we keep you organized.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. With our different packages, you pay only for what you need! View our pricing levels and the features included below.



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